Thursday, April 30, 2009

‘Read Between The Lines’ – My ‘Pomes’

Until that day, when my eyes meet Yours,
These eyes of mine will wait endlessly,
Until that day, when my lips bear,
My confessions about You,
My lips will wait earnestly,
Until that day, when you take me in Your arms,
My heart will beat tirelessly,
When You’ll look into my eyes,
You’ll see more than what just meets the eye,
When You’ll hear my confessions,
You’ll hear more than just words,
All I wait for is that day,
When in Your arms, I’ll forget this world,
And my eyes get that eternal sleep,
Never to wake up again,
My lips will bear that eternal smile,
For You alone My World,
Although I maybe gone,
My eyes will never close,
Although I maybe gone,
My smiles will never fade,
Although I maybe gone,
My heart beats will never cease,
Because my eyes have Your dreams,
My lips have Your smiles,
My heart has Your beats,
Without You, there is no grandeur in My World,
Because in Your arms alone rests My World…


  1. What a marvellous expression of submission! It transports me to the subliminal level of love, making it extremely platonic!

  2. nice poetic line..... i m not more of a poem reader... but i jus loved this piece....

  3. thnx stiffler :) i feel encouraged :)