Thursday, April 30, 2009

‘Read Between The Lines’ – My ‘Pomes’

When He saw beauty in my ‘smiles’,
I felt the most beautiful of all in the world,
When He said my laughs were His stimulation,
I felt on top of the world,
Many a times in His ‘words’,
I felt conscious of my womanhood,
Many a times in His 'words',
I have felt very special,
In moments of silence,
I have felt His concern for me,
In moments of conversations,
It’s more than ‘words’ that matters to me,
He is my spirit during the day,
He is the peaceful sleep during my nights,
He is as much a living dream,
As much a reality for me,
He is that better half, who completes me,
Without whom my world is incomplete,
I knew not when He crept into my life,
And stole my heart away,
Now in and around Him alone my thoughts sway,
It is Him only that my soul yearns for,
And will come back several times Him alone for,
For there is a vital string that binds me to Him,
That binds my dreams, thoughts and hopes to Him,
Without Him, nothing else matters to me in this world,
Because in His arms alone rests my world.

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