Monday, May 18, 2009

'Read Between The Lines': My 'Pomes'

I was like an unsung song,
You breathed into me a rhythm with your voice,
I was like an incomplete poem,
You made me meaningful with your words,
I was like an unfinished portrait, 
You filled in hues with your magical touch,
I was like a withered flower, 
You set me bloom with your warm gaze,
You came into my forlorn life,
Like a fresh whiff of gentle breeze,
And are here to stay like the eternal spring, evergreen, 
But for you I would not have known,
What I had missed all my life,
But for you I would not have known,
How incomplete I was without you,
A vital string binds me to you,
Unseen, unheard, untouched, unknown,
I feel your pains,
And bask in your joys,
I know not why,
With each passing moment in my life,
I feel helpless, speechless,
To say how much my soul yearns for you,
To say how much my heart craves for you, 
To say I have lost my heart to you, forever, in love,
To say, this is one truth I’ll cherish, forever, My love,
Without You, there is no grandeur in My World, 
Because in Your arms alone rests My World…


  1. hey i was just going through the blogs.. looks gud keep going !!

  2. thnx a lot for your comment :) ... will keep it up :)

  3. i would like to know one thing ... what did you like about my poems ... ?

  4. The Poem is quite touching...The author of the poem is definitely in the quest of someone and the expression of that quest is beautiful!

  5. thanks a lot for your comment Bunts :) it is very encouraging