Friday, May 29, 2009

'Read Between the Lines' - My 'Pomes'

A zillion lotuses bloom,
With the rise of the sun,
My heart too blooms,
When His thoughts across my mind run,
But one word from Him,
Would wipe all tears from my eyes,
Just the way the warmth of the sun,
From lotus petals, all dew drops wipes,

As His dreams, like the rain-bearing clouds fill my sky,
And my mind like the merry peacock,
Spreads its colourful plumes to dance,
And His pleasant showers of love,
Leaves evergreen my forlorn soul,

My eyes would always His moves follow,
Like the sunflower seeks the sun, bright and yellow,
I will the water lily be,
Which comes to life, at but a glimpse of Him,
His image in my heart will always be,
Like the moon’s just beside the water lily, 

Because without Him there is no grandeur in My World,
But in His arms alone rests My World …


  1. There cannot be a better expression for surrender and completely giving up onself to the other...I get surprised on the fact that when the poetry itself is so beautiful, how beautiful would be the person for whom it is written..

  2. Such a beautiful constant Calling to the beloved arouses one question in the heart of the reader too...and that is, "Who is that he?" :)

  3. :)thnx for the encouraging feedback everytime bunts