Saturday, June 6, 2009

'Read Between the Lines' - My 'Pomes'

Take my hand in yours, and I’ll show you my world,

Where all brightness is your alluring charm,

And the eternal sun rises at your command,


Your spirit is all the life-giving air,

And the perennial brook your oceanic love rears,

It’s symphony forever in the music of birds and bees,

Who hail your name and in your praise cheer,


Where every flower is fragrant with your memories,

And all fruits in the orchards your temptations bear,

All shade of the trees is your cool shadow,

And your evergreen smiles are the lush green meadows,


In the waning moon you play hide and seek,

Making me lose all my sleep,

And still be the starlit night with your dreams,

When my heart awaits your glimpse in emotions deep,


It’s all but a hand away from you,

Take my hand in yours and I’ll show you my world,

You might think whether it exists at all,

And if at all does, then where at all,


It’s all in the warmth of your arms,

Where My World exists,

Where I can get that peace of mind,

And eternally rest in peace,


Because without you there is no grandeur in My World,

Because in your arms rests My World …



  1. I would call this poem "A Sojourn for devotion and Romance". In this world of commotion and agitated minds, such a poetry gives the reader a space, a solace to imagine the true nature of love....!

  2. These poetries are in sync with my life...a lot of portion of these poems belongs to most of us...

  3. awesome one no words to explain about the feelin after reading this poem still in search of words