Sunday, June 14, 2009

'Read Between the Lines' - 'My Pomes'

I walked along the sea shores,

To catch a glimpse of your abode,

On the other side,

In the lashing sea waves,

Did you my yearnings hear?


In anticipation, I reclined,

On the wet sea sands,

To catch a glimpse of your peaceful countenance,

In the widespread skies above,

Did you in the lilac of the sunset my blushes see?


I continued with my voyage,

To reach your abode,

And walked into the sea waves,

Towards the horizon,

Where the azure sea meets the blue sky,


My footprints on the sands,

The waves had wiped off,

You’d never know,

When I came and went off,

But the faith in my heart for you,

The waves can't erase,

Nor can the wind blow out,

It’ll shine unsteadily for ages untold,


I’ll be at the point,

Where two shores converge,

I’ll be in the horizon,

Where the sea meets the sky,

I’ll be the dawn and I’ll be the dusk,

Where the sun and the moon meet,


And await but a glimpse of your peaceful countenance,

Bearing your love in my heart,

And hands widespread,

Awaiting that moment,

When you’ll take me in your arms,

And I’ll close my eyes in eternal peace,

Never to wake up from my sleep,


Because without you there is no grandeur in My World,

Because in your arms alone rests My World …


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  1. There is no end to the journey of love. It is like a mirage. True lovers never get fatigued and keep walking in quest of their true love..the sentiments here are well expressed. Good one. Congrats Poetess!