Sunday, June 14, 2009

'Read Between the Lines' - 'My Pomes'

Before the bee hovers around the lotus,

Rise my sun, in the east,

And burn me down with your warmth,

From my ashes I’ll like the phoenix rise before you again,


Before the water lily loses its nectar,

Rise my moon, in the sky,

And freeze me to death with your chill,

I’ll bloom afresh before you again,


Before the bee casts its sting on the fragrant rose,

Be the thorns My Love,

And tear my petals gently into shreds,

I’ll shower you with fragrance again,


Allow nothing else to partake of my love for you,

This body, mind and soul of mine,

Is for you, and for you alone,

For you alone it’ll bloom,

For you alone it’ll wilt,

For you alone it’ll spread its fragrance in the air,


Because without you, there is no grandeur in My World,

Because in your arms alone rests My world ...

1 comment:

  1. The Poem is full of the warmth of true arouses the feeling of protectiveness of bruised thoughts and the reveals the hidden desires of each and everyone of us. Wonderful Expression Poetess!!