Friday, July 17, 2009

'Read Between the Lines': 'My Pomes'

I know not where God resides,

But I feel closest to Him, when by his side,

God watches upon all mortals, they all say,

From the Heavens above,

For me, the very heaven is upon earth,

Where he resides,

All words I say, become prayers,

And all my desires converge in him,

There are moments several,

When I feel at a loss of words,

And falter to convey anything oral,

He still listens to me in silence,

As the vast sky spreads its arms wide above this mortal earth,

So does he sheath my heart, all around,

And becomes the infallible spirit,

All my breath has his fragrance,

In every heart beat of mine does his name resound,

In all my lifeblood is his name written,

On the walls of my heart,

He may be miles away from me,

But still closest to my heart,

With him, in my thoughts I keep my eyes open,

And with him in my dreams, I my eyes close,

Be it day or night, dawn or dusk,

His presence will never fade away from my heart,

In the gleam of his eyes,

Do I see the dawn every day,

My faith in him keeps me going,

Because in his eyes, I, a ray of hope did see,

In every word of his,

In me, I did a new spirit feel,

In his moments of silence,

Did I the eternal peace feel,

In his footprints, did I my path of life find,

That led me to my destination,

And I set on my journey,

His abode bound,

In his outstretched arms, did I the heaven, my world find,

Where there are but only tears of glee, and sunny smiles,

And indescribable warmth,

Because without him, there is no grandeur in my world,

Because in his arms alone, rests my world…

Friday, July 10, 2009

'Read Between the Lines': My 'Pomes'

He is the pleasant evergreen spring,

Who threw open the windows of my heart,

And made me see and feel,

All hues of happiness, fragrances of freshness,

All the pale autumn in my life,

Turned evergreen,

He is the refreshing tempest in summer,

Who broke open the closed door of my heart,

And quenched all thirst,

And cleansed my soul off barrenness,

Leaving me fertile forever and evergreen,

As the warm sun, he lit up my eastern sky,

And as the dawn, brought me a new hope,

His voice became all spirit of the day for me,

And without him, I would have never realized,

The value of shade,

By losing myself in him,

I rediscovered myself once again,

By forgetting myself in him,

I regained consciousness as a woman,

His whispers tickle me all night,

His dreams make me stay up all night,

And in his thoughts I spend all day,

Day and night, dawn and dusk,

Spring and autumn, sun and shade,

Rain and shine,

All I experience in life,

But will never be able to hate anything again,

What spell he cast upon me,

I know now only the language of love,

And by making me lose my heart to him,

He won over my soul,

And my weakness for him,

Turns into strength,

When he takes me in his arms,

Because without him, there is no grandeur in My World,

Because in his arms alone rests My World …

Saturday, July 4, 2009

'Read Between the Lines': My 'Pomes'

It will be a night to remember,

Sitting by the resonant sea shores,

Awaiting the first light of the dawn,

When you will like the eternal sun, rise in my eastern sky,

The sky has in my bridal veil studded all its stars,

And the seas have strung together all precious pearls into a necklace,

The very thought that I'll be your bride,

Brings my lips that everlasting smile,

And with the lilac of the dawn, adds blush to my face,

All the birds and the bees in chorus will sing the bridal song,

And all the buds in the gardens will flower at dawn,

Which I’ll wreath together into a garland for you,

As all my dreams about you, come true,

I’ll cherish this wait, all night long,

Only to await the dawn,

When you’ll upon your horse come,

And take me away, with my hand in yours,

The heavens above will shower blessings,

As you and me will vows exchange,

To live and be for each other, for several births to come,

As I start a fresh journey with you,

Together with my hand in yours,

And step into your world,

My eyes will gleam, with tears of joy,

My love for you will abound,

And in your arms, I‘ll forget myself,

And spend all my life in bliss and peace,

In your arms My Love,

I'll forget the rest of the world,

And will catch upon that eternal sleep,

Never to wake up again,

Although my heart will continue to beat,

For you alone My Love,

Because without you there is no grandeur in My World,

Because in your arms alone rests My World …