Friday, July 17, 2009

'Read Between the Lines': 'My Pomes'

I know not where God resides,

But I feel closest to Him, when by his side,

God watches upon all mortals, they all say,

From the Heavens above,

For me, the very heaven is upon earth,

Where he resides,

All words I say, become prayers,

And all my desires converge in him,

There are moments several,

When I feel at a loss of words,

And falter to convey anything oral,

He still listens to me in silence,

As the vast sky spreads its arms wide above this mortal earth,

So does he sheath my heart, all around,

And becomes the infallible spirit,

All my breath has his fragrance,

In every heart beat of mine does his name resound,

In all my lifeblood is his name written,

On the walls of my heart,

He may be miles away from me,

But still closest to my heart,

With him, in my thoughts I keep my eyes open,

And with him in my dreams, I my eyes close,

Be it day or night, dawn or dusk,

His presence will never fade away from my heart,

In the gleam of his eyes,

Do I see the dawn every day,

My faith in him keeps me going,

Because in his eyes, I, a ray of hope did see,

In every word of his,

In me, I did a new spirit feel,

In his moments of silence,

Did I the eternal peace feel,

In his footprints, did I my path of life find,

That led me to my destination,

And I set on my journey,

His abode bound,

In his outstretched arms, did I the heaven, my world find,

Where there are but only tears of glee, and sunny smiles,

And indescribable warmth,

Because without him, there is no grandeur in my world,

Because in his arms alone, rests my world…


  1. "All words I say, become prayers" love succeeds becuase it enters the realm of the soul...the indefatigable dedication of the poet to her loved one needs to be admired by all of us!

  2. It is heartening to know of a writer who is so clingy with positivity.. Hard to find types.. It is a testimony to God's presence. And that presence is definitely felt in your words:)