Friday, August 14, 2009

'Read Between the Lines': 'My Pomes'

When the first ray of the dawn tickles me,
I wake up afresh with that everlasting smile,
Because I know you are there, with me,
All the while,

Wherever I go,
You seem to follow, like my own shadow,
Just the way, the eternal sun seems to travel with me,
Whichever corner of the world I go,

In the gentle breeze that brushes past me every time,
I feel your serene touch,
Even in the air I breathe my life,
It is your spirit that encompasses me every time,

Even then at times, when my yearnings for you,
Bring tears to my eyes,
Pleasant rain drops from the heavens above wash away my tears,
In which I sense the warm caress of your hands,

In the waves of the seas,
In the song of the bees,
I your voice hear,

Every beautiful song that I hum,
Is but your name alone,
That I utter demurely each time,

In every step I take,
I your support feel,
Even at times when I trip,
You like the earth,
Embrace me in your arms,
And I feel as though upon your chest I rest,

Because without you, there is no grandeur in my world,
Because in your arms alone, rests my world …

1 comment:

  1. "Wherever I go,You seem to follow, like my own shadow,Just the way, the eternal sun seems to travel with me,Whichever corner of the world I go..." Here is the extract where the poetess makes a difference...where she takes her extraordinary feelings to the outstanding heights of romanticism! Kudos to you O'Poetess!