Friday, August 28, 2009

'Read Between the Lines': 'My Pomes'

When the Almighty created love,
Did I bloom in his garden of love evergreen,

Vibrant was I in full bloom,
Awaiting but his adoring gaze,
Which would leave me pleasantly dazed,

And scatter all hues in heavens above,
Making the rainbow feel shy,

Fragrant was I in full bloom,
Awaiting his gentle finger,
Touch upon my petals tender,

And give into a temptation sweet,
His blatant self making me feel coy,

Awaiting I was for that day,
I dream of all night, all day,

When in his wedding garland,
Would I be wreathed,

The fall didn’t wither my temptations,
And I continued to bloom in full swing,
But the long wait made me wilt,
With a thirst unquenched,

The day did come,
When every other flower,
In the garden of spring got wreathed,

And I continued to wither,
My bridal self being incomplete,
Somewhere, somehow, a wish unfulfilled,

But my quest is on,
And the wait will continue,
Until that day,
When I wreathed in his arms will be,

Because without him, there is no grandeur in my world,
Because in his arms alone rests my world…

1 comment:

  1. A Prolong wait is the destiny of true love. Love can wait till the dooms day...and sometimes even after that, Poetess has beautifully expressed the same sentiment here...Great Going!