Saturday, September 5, 2009

'Read Between the Lines': 'My Pomes'

In darkness was I for a long while,
With the doors of my heart shut to the world wide,
But like a gust of wind strong,
You broke into my heart,
And threw open windows several wide,
And made me see the beautiful world outside,

Because of you I saw myriad colours in life,
Because of you I sang many songs unknown,

Now that you are here to stay,
Seated within the four walls of my heart,
I close the doors of my heart yet again,
Never to let you out,

You put my broken heart in one piece,
With the warmth of your heart,
And gave it eternal peace,
With your words clement,
Like the rain bearing clouds,
You brought me solace,
And cleared my skies of gloom,
With your eternal sunshine,
And gave it happiness immense,
As the eternal spring,

This heart of mine in your hands I give,
Preserve it my love, in your care, forever,
For even if I say I have lost my heart,
I know it will in your hands forever be,

Because without you there is no grandeur in my world,
Because in your arms alone rests my world…

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  1. so beautiful... almost makes me wanna b'liv in luv