Sunday, September 13, 2009

'Read Between the Lines': My 'Pomes'

In this crowded world,
Where is too much noise,
There’s only one thing I seek,
The solace in your voice,

It’s a desolate desert path,
I tread upon,
Not a bed of roses,
Though filled with deadly thorns,

There is no mirth,
In the humming of bees and birds,
Somewhere, somehow a discord,
There is a complete loss of your words,

There isn’t any harmony ,
There isn’t any melody in any song,
There’s no rhythm in my life,
Without you around,

My shadow refuses to follow me,
The mirror doesn’t reflect my image,
Even in hillocks my voice doesn’t resound,
Without you what identity do I seek?
Because God created me in your own image,
Have waited long enough my love,
Have walked all the while in search of you my love,
The wait seems to be endless,
And the journey doesn’t seem to end,

Come over before me my love,
Not as a living dream,
But as a reality,

Lend me your hand,
And take me far away,
From this noisy maddening world,

Lend me your voice,
And fill me with harmony,
Fill rhythm in my life,

Let nothing take me away from you,
Let not even death separate me from you,
In your soul I’ll be seated thereafter,

Because without you there is no grandeur in my world,
Because in your arms alone, rests my world …

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