Saturday, November 28, 2009

'Read Between the Lines': My 'Pomes'

Your words first broke the ice,
When I was reluctant and withdrawn,

Your words come as a ray of hope since,
With each day and every dawn,

Your words bring me cheer,
When I am gloomy and forlorn,

Your words come as inspiration,
When my spirits are down,

Your words come as strength,
When I feel helpless and weak,

Your words bring me infallible warmth,
When I am cold and vulnerable,

Your words show me the path,
At times when I feel lost,

Your words come as the lovable companion,
In the lonesome path towards my destination,

Your words resound in my ears and mind,
In moments of silence and all day long,

What to say, when even your silence speaks words aplenty,
And I sense meanings deep, immense in them,

What to say, when your words leave me awestruck, speechless,
Each time they echo before me in some shape, in some form,

What to say when your words leave me awestruck, speechless,
When your words make me feel special,

At times your words are just human,
At times your words become the voice of my soul,

At times your words lure me into a temptation sweet,
At times in your words I feel the divine,

What more can I say,
When your words mean everything to me,

What more can I say,
When you and your voice means larger than life itself to me…