Monday, December 6, 2010

'Read Between the Lines': My 'Pomes'

Storm or calm, 
Rain or shine, 
The show must go on, 
There's no time to whine....

Sunday, December 5, 2010

'Read Between the Lines': My 'Pomes'

I wanted to learn your name,
And ways several I found,
To know, write and learn byheart the same,
I wanted to know you better,
And stole moments several,
To hear from him and share the same,
I wanted to know how good you are,
And instances several came along,
When my fears several were proved wrong,
I wanted to listen, whether your heart beats for me,
Whether in your mind there is a lover, a dream girl called me,
Or in words simple, whether you love me,
I didn’t get an answer,
In careful words chosen,
And strung together in poetry beautiful,
Or in the lyrics of a song soulful,
Or in words of acceptance simple,
All I got was silence seemingly infinite,
And a restless wait still and endless,
As much I tried understanding your words,
Now I try interpreting your silence,
Keeping fingers crossed,
For an answer favourable.... 

'Read Between the Lines': My 'Pomes'

In lonely times of despair,
When at my fate would I oft sigh,
A whiff of fresh air,
Would oft lift my spirits high,
In times of mirth,
When my heart is with joyous moments abound,
The wind makes me feel proud of my birth,
When flowers spread their fragrance around,
Like the mountains when I stand tall,
The wanton wind envelopes me with a hug,
And I feel like a protected doll,
Like the sands on the deserts when I lie down,
A draught blows upon me silently,
Its tranquil song,
With vigour and vitality when I flow like the perennial stream,
A breeze creates ripples of passion in me,
And stirs me like a dream,
When anger shows upon me like fire,
The zephyr like a peacemaker cools me down with care,
In ways more than one, he also feels like the wind,
In passion he is like the storm that brings peace and no harm,
In care and concern he is like the breeze,
Who inspires me to take life with ease,
All the air I breathe is because of him,
Whose presence around me I feel all the time,
I know that he exists,
But know not why I cannot see him,
Whom I feel near me all the time....

'Read Between the Lines': My 'Pomes'

Barren plains are moist and fragrant with the first drops of rain,
And a wilted flower wants to bloom once again,
What fragrance fresh or an urge to live provokes me,
To call on him once again,
And to walk that extra mile,
Grab him with my hands soft and grip him tight once again,
Far into the ocean of love have I come,
Far, far away from the wanton procrastinating waves,
And into the calm of the deep waters of the ocean,
On a golden cruise laden with sweetest dreams,
In him, my lover and sailor, I rest, my love, trust and peace,
I know, for sure, that this time, I will never let go of him again....

Sunday, November 28, 2010

'Read Between the Lines': My 'Pomes'

He reads not the meaning in my words,
Nor does he care to interpret my silence,
He is not charmed by my smiles,
Nor is he moved by my tears,
Nor even thrilled at my round of applause!
Muted he is to my feelings for him,
A deaf year he turns to my heart beats for him,
A blind eye he turns to my love for him,
Sigh, seldom does he realise,
 That I am blind in his love,
How long do I need to wait?
For him to turn towards me,
How long do I cling on the faith,
That someday he will understand me,
How long do I need to protect this belief?
That someday he will be mine? 


Some people unreservedly lack the ‘Attitude of Gratitude’. I won't say that I don't care for them because by nature I am very expressive and I do feel the hurt. But then I smile again, when I see how responsive they are in their own small world and that's when I realise that they can't see beyond that world they are so happy to be in when they fail to understand me.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


How long do I need to wait? And how long can I all this take?


The first man in a woman's life is always her dad, whom she always feels proud of, looks upon as her 'hero' and never hesitates to tell him 'I love you' any number of times, time and again with happiness and confidence.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Someone wrote a poem asking the rains to “Go away!”; I sang a song and brought the rains back....

Saturday, November 13, 2010

'Read Between the Lines': My 'Pomes'

Why should I say that it’s hard to take?
And shun away from a heart made of stone?
When these skillful hands of mine can make,
A figurine divine, chiseled out of stone!

Why should I shiver pale in fear?
And move away from an unfeeling heart cold?
When a heartfelt mind of mine that spreads cheer,
Can melt it warm, that heart which feels cold!

Why should I take for granted?
That a desired heart wouldn’t beat for me?
When I know for sure, this heart was all that I wanted,
Which will my soul mate become, and for ages to come will be with me…

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Dazzle in diamonds, elegance in emeralds, glitter in gold, polish in platinum, radiance in rubies and sizzle in silver this Dhan Theras and Diwali... celebrating and spreading brightness, newness and sweetness all around... Of crackers, bright lights, new clothes, sweets and savouries and more...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


The world has become too noisy and distracted for people to understand and interpret somebody's silence.

Friday, October 22, 2010


Is love an art? Or science? More often than not, it's the brainchild of a crafty mind...

Sunday, October 17, 2010


It feels lonely at the top, but it's a great feeling - the feeling of being invincible, unbreakable, a conqueror, yet a sole rambler...

'Read Between the Lines' - My 'Pomes'

There was something mysterious about last night,
When an angel woke me from my dream,
Pointing towards the navy blue skies,
Asking me to make a wish upon a falling star,

There is something mischievous about this morning bright,
Crystalline rays of the sun shimmering upon the nearby stream,
Herald Cupid’s arrival on earth, from the heavenly skies,
And my heart gets beating faster with every passing hour,

There’s something these naughty sea waves are up to, who in delight,
Lash against my feet as they quietly slip the sands off my feet clean,

And yonder from the horizons above,
I see a flock of thousand white doves,
Come flying together like message bearers of love,

All cuckoos, together sing the welcome song heralding youthful spring,
As the proud peacocks with outspread multi-hued wings,
Dance around and add to the zing,

The colourful rainbow in the skies meanwhile,
Crowns the horizon in its multi-hued style,

I know him not by name,
Nor can I fathom his looks,
Where from would he come?
Am naive about questions like these,

But I know that hour has cometh,
And that this reality is more beautiful than my dream,
Him, who is mine, with him I’ll forever be,

Because without him, there’s no grandeur in my world,
Because in his arms alone rests my world… 


Doesn't believe in Newton's third law of motion - every action need not necessarily have an equal and opposite reaction, at times not even a simple reaction


Nine days - that's the maximum time even Gods can put up with Evil, and on the tenth day, the Evil is slain and we humans, at times, even endure it for a lifetime. May the Good always triumph over the Evil - a universal prayer! Happy Vijayadashami!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

'Read Between the Lines': My 'Pomes'

Human desires are like untamed horses,
Riding them is filled with adventure and fun,
Galloping gradually towards your destination,
It’s all in the way you handle those saddles,
And it’s all in your hands,
You can reign with those reins,
If you pull hard at those, your horse won’t move,
And if you let it loose, your horse may its way lose,
But if you have mastered how to control your reins,
Then your horse will win the race,
Provided those blinkers are on both sides,
Such that your horse does not its focus lose…

Sunday, September 26, 2010


To prove that you are wealthier than someone, you just need to earn a penny more; to prove that you are more intelligent than someone; you just need to outwit them; to prove that you are more powerful, you just need to exercise your strength; to feel how lucky you are, you just need to count your blessings; but to show how much you love someone, you cannot bare your heart... it’s indescribable a feeling... you need to lose your heart to win over one...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

'Read Between the Lines': 'My Pomes'

Barking dogs seldom bite,
Thundering clouds seldom rain,
You think you are a fighter-cock?
Ah! Loser you’ll be yet again,
You cannot put up a good fight,
Your efforts will all be vain,
So in words plain,
I warn you once again,
Keep away from me,
‘Coz loser you’ll be yet again...

Saturday, September 4, 2010

'Read Between the Lines': My 'Pomes'

The skies are clear now,
And it’s already dawn,
Thought I would count all the stars,
As I, my dreams, weave on,
And upon the crescent moon,
I thought I would swing,
But I need to move on,
For it’s already morn,
And I need to wait until twilight,
Before I could dream on,
I wish gloomy dark clouds,
Do not obstruct the starry skies,
And not hide the waning moon,
For dreams are like twinkling bright stars,
That lends hope and light,
When the soul goes through the dark night...

Friday, September 3, 2010


A smile costs nothing but is a priceless commodity. A smile costs nothing but it can also be mighty malicious...


This pace, is certainly not enough for as I turn back to see how far I have come, but when I look ahead I see how much, further, I need to go...


There is something cute about these "Once upon a time there a lived a...... And they lived happily ever after" kind of stories; fairy tales as you may call them, familiar in themes and storyline where you know the ending is always going to be a happy one. There is nothing thrilling about it but there is a pleasant excitement about the same.... :)


The All-Powerful, Omnipresent Almighty is present within every living thing He has created. Change or challenges, obstacles or odds cannot weaken a soul which is strong from within. I may know Him by many names or worship Him in many forms, but to me God means the Force which keeps me going even in the direst circumstances - an unshakeable belief in self, rooted in humility – the belief that “I can,” no matter what!


Tasks, whether big or small are very crucial things. Battling with them makes handling it difficult. In taming them lies the efficiency. Whether it is worth it or not, does not really matter; gaining knowledge and experience at the end of it is what counts.


False impressions are like water colours. One may paint their impressions using as many hues but they ultimately get washed out - their portrait thus becoming an eyesore. Lasting impressions are like snapshots, which linger in the memory, worth cherishing forever.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

'Read Between the Lines': My 'Pomes'

The sole traveller,
Whose destination is the horizon,
Timeline of his journey is still unknown,
The solitary climber,
Who aims to touch the sky,
Knows not how tall he needs to rise,
The inquisitive explorer,
Who wants to tour the cosmos,
Is not sure of its infinity,
Sad is this case,
Of the thirsty rambler,
Who chases a mirage in the lonely deserts,
Thinking it for an oasis,
That never was ,
The paths have been chosen,
And the roads have been cut,
But destination is still,
A long way to go...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

'Read Between the Lines': My 'Pomes'

Looks, they can be deceptive,
Words, they can be untrue,
A touch may not always be friendly,
And promises may not be lived up to,
Rules, they may be broken,
Laws may not be universal,
Faces you look around,
May be unreal,
Yet, the world can be a better place to live,
As long as the belief in self is true,
Which is all that takes for one to rule,
The weak may be suppressed by the strong,
Right may be subdued by the wrong,
Yet, when the belief in self is strong,
That’s all that takes one to get along...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

'Read Between the Lines': 'My Pomes'

Your eyes met mine,
Awestruck I stood awhile,
As a thousand lightning hit the skies,
That gleam did I see in your eyes,
Your lips gently threw upon me that priceless smile,
You swept me off my feet awhile,
The butterfly amid blooms of spring,
Spreads its colourful wings,
And flies,
The joy of the fragrant hues of spring,
All through my veins plies,
In my honour when your head bowed,
In my heart you a seed of love sowed,
Every time you shower upon me a praise,
My respect for you, several manifolds raise,
Slowly, the seed of your love in my heart grows,
As the eternal sun shines upon my brow,
In the warmth of your words,
My love for you in my heart basks,
My eyes shy away from yours,
And my lips strike a pose demure,
But my feelings for you reach the brim of my heart,
And knows not which way to go,
Come to my rescue,
Take my hand in yours,
Show my perennial affection for you,
The direction towards you ,
As the river joins the seas,
So will I in you seek peace,
Until then my love for you will grow,
Buried deep in my soul,
Yet alive,
And deep-rooted to the core,
Because without you there’s no grandeur in my world,
Because in your arms alone rests my world...

Friday, August 13, 2010

'Read Between the Lines': My 'Pomes'

Dormant embers embedded within the heart go active again;
Alas! No tears in the eyes to put out this fire within!
Faith staggers a little,
And hope calls for another tomorrow.
As justice gets delayed once again!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

'Read Between the Lines': My 'Pomes'

Some things are just not fair, 
And I am very well aware, 
But all I can do is stand and stare,
Still in my heart, endless hope I bear,
That someday, soon,  I will these things dare… 
And I will none spare...

Sunday, January 24, 2010

'Read Between the Lines': 'My Pomes'

Many a spring season passed,
Saw buds bloom into flowers,
And honey bees hover,
Saw orchards bear fruits,
And honey combs ooze with nectar,

Seldom realized when the spring,
In my lifetime made way for summer,
And just then did his love for me,
Like the spring itself,
Entered my life,
On the onset of summer,

Like shade brings a cool respite,
From the scorching summer sun,
His love brought solace to my soul,
Quenching a long summer thirst,
And yet yearns for more,

How am I to say,
How miserable I feel,
In his love,
That sprung in my heart,
On the onset of summer….

Will new buds bloom again...
And spread fragrance around,
Will orchards bear fruits again…
And be temptation abound,

Will perennial brooks run...
Splashing satiation all about,
Will the pleasant breeze,
Chuck all sultry disdain,
Will this summer like spring bloom again...

How am I to say,
How miserable I feel,
In his love that sprung in my heart,
On the onset of summer….

Because without him there is no grandeur in my world,
Because in his arms alone rests my world…

Friday, January 22, 2010

'Read Between the Lines': 'My Pomes'

Call me a brook and I will fall for your charms,
Call me the zephyr and I will embrace your arms,

Call me the blue skies and I will gift you all the stars,
Call me the azure seas and my waves will your praise sing for hours,

Call me the spring and I’ll gift you all the bloom,
Call me the sunshine and I’ll clear your gloom,

Call me the rainbow and I’ll fill you with hues,
Call me a dream and I’ll be your muse,

Call me a fruit and I’ll be your temptation,
Call me your thirst and I’ll be your persuasion,

Call me the tree and I’ll your shade be,
Call me the snow angel and I’ll the melting snow caps be,

Call me the dawn and I’ll your hope be,
Call me the golden sands and I’ll your oasis be,
Call me a flower and I’ll your fragrance be,
Call me the dusk and I’ll your peace be,

Call me your life and I’ll your love be,
Call me your love and I’ll your life be,

Because without you, there is no grandeur in my world,
Because in your arms alone rests my world…

Sunday, January 17, 2010

'Read Between the Lines': 'My Pomes'

When I close my eyes, it’s your image I see in my mind,
When I open my eyes, it’s your face I struggle to find,
It is your dreams alone that rest upon my eyes all the time,
And yet your pair of eyes seem to see me all the while,

In all the good things around, it is only you I see,
Through the eyes of my mind, I your expressions see,
Through the eyes of my heart, I your love for me see,
Yet these pair of eyes, your countenance longs to see,

Because without you there is no grandeur in my world,
Because in your arms alone rests my world…

Sunday, January 10, 2010

'Read Between the Lines': 'My Pomes'

Walking by the sea shores,

With eyes on the horizon,

Where the sun between the sea and the sky moves,

I hold in my hands,

A pearl oyster,

And in my eyeballs, his image I find,

As the precious pearl in the oyster,

Yonder in the sun too,

His image I find,

Which longs to become one with the horizon,

With his image in my heart,

I, my eyes close,

With his image in my eyes,

I, the world anew see,

Walking by the sea shores,

With his thoughts resounding in my mind aloud,

Become synonymous with,

The lashing waves silence everything around,

I hold a conch against my ear,

And in it the resonate seas I hear,

Just the way, my mind, with his thoughts resounds,

There isn't a cruise I can see,

That could ferry me across to the shores yonder,

Although day in and day out,

My soul ferries in quest of his abode yonder,

And the whispering hope in the mind says,

One day the blue skies and the azure sea,

Will meet at horizon,

And both the shores along,

Will get long,

When his outstretched arms will embrace me,

Because without him there is no grandeur in my world,

Because in his arms alone rests my world…

Saturday, January 9, 2010

'Read Between the Lines': 'My Pomes'

I climbed high the flight of dreams,

To steal the sunshine from the eternal sun,

I conspired with constellations of stars,

To wink at the waning moon and run,

I commanded the rains to pour heavily,

And bring the rainbow down to earth for me to ride,

And wear all its colours,

To shy away the peacock of its pride,

I summoned all the bees to the sea-side,

To pour all nectar unto the brine,

And I'll partake of the entire potion,

To quench all thirst of mine,

I bid the sands by the shores,

To scribe patterns of my desire,

And to make fruitful all trees in orchards,

I, the eternal spring did hire,

All this and more in this world,

I thought was the epitome of bliss and power,

But when his outstretched arms did I embrace,

Like a burning candle, I melted that hour,

No dream seemed to be bigger or impossible,

No desire seemed to be larger or accessible,

The ecstasy in the warmth of his engaging arms goes higher,

And quenches all thirst, like water puts out fire,

Because without him there is no grandeur in my world,

Because in his arms alone rests my world…