Saturday, January 9, 2010

'Read Between the Lines': 'My Pomes'

I climbed high the flight of dreams,

To steal the sunshine from the eternal sun,

I conspired with constellations of stars,

To wink at the waning moon and run,

I commanded the rains to pour heavily,

And bring the rainbow down to earth for me to ride,

And wear all its colours,

To shy away the peacock of its pride,

I summoned all the bees to the sea-side,

To pour all nectar unto the brine,

And I'll partake of the entire potion,

To quench all thirst of mine,

I bid the sands by the shores,

To scribe patterns of my desire,

And to make fruitful all trees in orchards,

I, the eternal spring did hire,

All this and more in this world,

I thought was the epitome of bliss and power,

But when his outstretched arms did I embrace,

Like a burning candle, I melted that hour,

No dream seemed to be bigger or impossible,

No desire seemed to be larger or accessible,

The ecstasy in the warmth of his engaging arms goes higher,

And quenches all thirst, like water puts out fire,

Because without him there is no grandeur in my world,

Because in his arms alone rests my world…


  1. omg... it's so beautiful... heart warming... I wonder what inspires u :-??

    the poem is absolutely delightful =)

  2. Thanks a lot Viktor :) ... I look forward to such feedback :)

  3. a lovely poem by my best dhiddi.. so gud and sounding delightful. Hope u get inspired by more sort of things which u come across ur life..