Sunday, January 10, 2010

'Read Between the Lines': 'My Pomes'

Walking by the sea shores,

With eyes on the horizon,

Where the sun between the sea and the sky moves,

I hold in my hands,

A pearl oyster,

And in my eyeballs, his image I find,

As the precious pearl in the oyster,

Yonder in the sun too,

His image I find,

Which longs to become one with the horizon,

With his image in my heart,

I, my eyes close,

With his image in my eyes,

I, the world anew see,

Walking by the sea shores,

With his thoughts resounding in my mind aloud,

Become synonymous with,

The lashing waves silence everything around,

I hold a conch against my ear,

And in it the resonate seas I hear,

Just the way, my mind, with his thoughts resounds,

There isn't a cruise I can see,

That could ferry me across to the shores yonder,

Although day in and day out,

My soul ferries in quest of his abode yonder,

And the whispering hope in the mind says,

One day the blue skies and the azure sea,

Will meet at horizon,

And both the shores along,

Will get long,

When his outstretched arms will embrace me,

Because without him there is no grandeur in my world,

Because in his arms alone rests my world…

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