Saturday, November 13, 2010

'Read Between the Lines': My 'Pomes'

Why should I say that it’s hard to take?
And shun away from a heart made of stone?
When these skillful hands of mine can make,
A figurine divine, chiseled out of stone!

Why should I shiver pale in fear?
And move away from an unfeeling heart cold?
When a heartfelt mind of mine that spreads cheer,
Can melt it warm, that heart which feels cold!

Why should I take for granted?
That a desired heart wouldn’t beat for me?
When I know for sure, this heart was all that I wanted,
Which will my soul mate become, and for ages to come will be with me…

1 comment:

  1. The "calling" for the heart...that lives a life of a "long..very long wait" called love. This wait of the poetess appears as long as "eternity"...which makes her love.."a prayer" and which makes her love "immaculate".. and brings her closer to the divine...such is the extremity of her love..In today's life full of pollution and commotion, it's an extremely rare phenomenon! Kudos to the Poetess!