Sunday, December 5, 2010

'Read Between the Lines': My 'Pomes'

In lonely times of despair,
When at my fate would I oft sigh,
A whiff of fresh air,
Would oft lift my spirits high,
In times of mirth,
When my heart is with joyous moments abound,
The wind makes me feel proud of my birth,
When flowers spread their fragrance around,
Like the mountains when I stand tall,
The wanton wind envelopes me with a hug,
And I feel like a protected doll,
Like the sands on the deserts when I lie down,
A draught blows upon me silently,
Its tranquil song,
With vigour and vitality when I flow like the perennial stream,
A breeze creates ripples of passion in me,
And stirs me like a dream,
When anger shows upon me like fire,
The zephyr like a peacemaker cools me down with care,
In ways more than one, he also feels like the wind,
In passion he is like the storm that brings peace and no harm,
In care and concern he is like the breeze,
Who inspires me to take life with ease,
All the air I breathe is because of him,
Whose presence around me I feel all the time,
I know that he exists,
But know not why I cannot see him,
Whom I feel near me all the time....

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