Sunday, December 5, 2010

'Read Between the Lines': My 'Pomes'

I wanted to learn your name,
And ways several I found,
To know, write and learn byheart the same,
I wanted to know you better,
And stole moments several,
To hear from him and share the same,
I wanted to know how good you are,
And instances several came along,
When my fears several were proved wrong,
I wanted to listen, whether your heart beats for me,
Whether in your mind there is a lover, a dream girl called me,
Or in words simple, whether you love me,
I didn’t get an answer,
In careful words chosen,
And strung together in poetry beautiful,
Or in the lyrics of a song soulful,
Or in words of acceptance simple,
All I got was silence seemingly infinite,
And a restless wait still and endless,
As much I tried understanding your words,
Now I try interpreting your silence,
Keeping fingers crossed,
For an answer favourable.... 

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