Sunday, October 9, 2011


Well, why do I even care or pay heed to certain 'spam' on Facebook! They just, simply exist, that's all.

Indeed what to say about certain irrelevant, interfering third party creatures who in the name of friendship not just haunt their friends minds by brainwashing them to the core but also literally claim ownership of their lives and souls because they think they know that friend of theirs truly well.

Unwanted hateful creatures who always want to make their presence felt in their friends lives and constantly keep reminding the same with their sick selves.


Of late, I HATE the word called 'love' and love the word called 'HATE'


Accept the pain and then kill it

Saturday, October 1, 2011

'Read Between the Lines': My 'Pomes'

There is fire within her, innate,
She tames the flames with ease,
She hath embraced the pyre, that made her pure,
Don’t burn her alive!
Like the phoenix she can rise, from her ashes,
Give her wings to fly, high,
She will show the world, she can conquer the skies,  
Don’t cage her dreams,
She’s born to rule, the world,
Like the omnipresent air, she will be everywhere,
Her omniscient self, where there is need for love, affection and care,
Let this quintessence of peace, prevail,
There is no stopping her ambitions, when she pursues her dreams aplenty,
Like the perennial stream upon the mountains originate,
And flows on to become the rivers wide and oceans deep,
Let her not shed tears ever, because the brine dries up never,
As the earth she treads on, paves paths of her progress several,
This life-giving beautiful creation of the Almighty,
With patience, perseverance and passion, bears dreams in her heart several,
Don’t rob her of her rights; she deserves to live, every moment of her life,
She is the every woman,
There is fire within her, innate,
Give her wings to fly, high,
Allow her to conquer, the skies,
Like the pleasant brook, let her seamlessly flow,
And walk the paths of several victories....