Tuesday, January 31, 2012

'Read Between the Lines': My 'Pomes'

Upon the mossy bed of lush green grass,
Drowsy with dew drops like tainted glass,
I lay on my back under the moonlit night,
Gazing at the night skies and the starry night,

My restless self hoping a shooting I’d sight,
And I’d wish with all my might,
That amid the chorus that the choir of stars croon,
Descends from the chariot of the crescent moon,

Like the light of a thousand sunlight beams,
The one and only man of my dreams,
All of a sudden, in the face of the moon white,
His smiling face I did sight,

And pleasantly surprised, my half closed eyes,
Opened up wide,
My heart leaped up high,
To the starry night skies,

He said, “Upon the first ray of the dawn,
My love, I shall come down,
Take your hand in mine,
And with a kiss on your forehead,
 I’ll make you mine,
In that morn of mirth,
I’ll take you on a journey with me for several births....”                

Having said thus, he vanished away with the waning moon,
And my eyes in prayer silently closed,
Hoping and waiting for the inevitable morn,

Together nature and cosmos will conspire,
To make this beautiful dream come true,
And Happiness will be forever hither,

Not one of those dreams this,
That but last for a night and is forgotten in the morn,
It’s not one of those flowers that bloomed to wither,

One of those beautiful dreams this,
Perfect and rare,
Upon my heart and mind I forever bear,
Awaiting that one fine morn,
It eventually comes true....

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

'Read Between the Lines': My 'Pomes'

When dark clouds hover the blue skies,
And cover the bright moon in its hide,
Can the dark gloom of the night skies?
Snatch dreams about the moon from its beholder’s eyes?

So when you walk a dark tunnel of several miles,
And far far away there’s no sign of the light,
Would you give up with a deep sigh?
Because there’s not a ray of hope you can sight?

Many a blue waters, one can dive without fears,
For whom adventures give pleasures,
And deep ocean beds loaded with treasures,
Cannot drown the passion of pearl seekers....