Friday, April 6, 2012

'Read Between the Lines': My 'Pomes'

‘Every cloud has a silver lining’,
‘The night is darkest before dawn’,
Your troubles too won’t last forever,
Then why let your tears fall?
For there’s nothing to fear,
Don’t have a sad face on.

‘It’s the end of the road’, you think,
But the journey is still on,
You think you have come to a dead end,
But another road opens for you to walk on.

As doors one by one close,
You think you are doomed,
And wonder where the way out from it all is!
But when some door somewhere throws itself open,
You will know how great the Almighty is!
And how tangles of life, with time unfasten!

True, that your abundant high of happiness lasts but a few days,
And your blessings can be counted on your fingers,
‘Nothing lasts forever. Forever’s a lie.'
But as long as you’re alive,
Make your journey worth the while.

True, those who are born must someday die,
But don’t give up hope as long as you are alive,
For in every failure lies an opportunity to strive,
To make your life worth the fight.
Coz ‘all we have is what’s between hello and goodbye’.


Inert names, aplenty, on the list, in the name of friends, with nil contribution, who neither double your joys nor divide your sorrows through soul-sharing, least bothered about any personalized posts, lazy enough to post a like or comment, though 'strangers', still remain connected, by choosing to be aware of one's activities and whereabouts, owing to a social-networking platform.