Tuesday, September 4, 2012

'Read Between the Lines': My 'Pomes'

Everything that defines the warrior prince I know whose name is embedded in this ode to him
A spark of the holy fire pure,
A droplet of the heavenly downpour,
A slice of the wandering clouds in the space,
A pinch of the fresh winds in race,
Together landed on the warm earthly soil,
One fine morn, in the summer of May, a Wednesday,

Love from the harps heavenly above, oozed out like nectar,
As angels in chorus sang, stars in harmony shone,
And in the cradle of the vibrant rainbow,
The Warrior Prince was born,

Omen of peace, blessing of the divine,
Symbol of love,
The Warrior Prince bloomed fragrant,
Like the evergreen spring,
His fame spread far and wide,
Like the perennial brook,
And every eye that saw him, every ear that heard him,
Every mouth would his name chant, and about his greatness opine,

Young at heart, forever,
Strong in mind, evermore,
The Warrior Prince, and his gait,
Would make several heads turn,

Sometimes, in his presence ethereal,
The infinities seldom cease,
Which is why, perhaps, are,
The countless stars in the skies,
The unstoppable waves in the seas,
The countless grains of sand, alongside unending shores,
And the outstretched horizons yonder,
Where the earth meets the skies,

In his eyes, gleaming and thoughtful,
Are vested the infinite skies,
In his heart warm and lovable,
Rest the depth of the irresistible blue seas,
In his hands, forever strong,
Bind the grip of a protector,
In his legs forever tireless,
Tread journeys of countless miles, 

Oh, the Warrior Prince!” Some fairies say, some nymphs sigh,
When his voice that echoes with the refreshing air,
Rests in all thoughts, when awake,
And turn into dreams when he is away,

Urging eyes, yearn for his glimpse,
With every passing day,
As the moon of the night awaits a look at the sun at dawn,
Awaiting a glance from this tall and dark mayflower,
That bloomed in the summer gardens of May

So long, the Warrior Prince treads this beautiful, happening world,
As the seasons come and go,
Peace shall reign forever, 
And love will be in the infinite air....

PS: Wondering what the name of The Warrior Prince is? His name, Aloysious, born on May 18, a Wednesday.

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