Monday, July 1, 2013

'Read Between the Lines': My 'Pomes'

What is the value of love that her fist-shaped heart behold for her loved one?
In those precious tiny droplets of tears, that open the flood gates of her eyes,
When her heart is clouded with fears,
Of the slightest thoughts of separation even before she dies;
In that priceless smile on her fair countenance often one can find,
Each time her loved one's name crosses her mind;
How special a place in her heart does her loved one  have?
Who rules her thoughts by the day and dreams by the night?
One love is enough for a lifetime, she says, but a lifetime is not enough for one love,
She waits for him in hope and faith,
And with strong belief in heart and strength of mind she stays,

But how much is she fond of him ?
And how deep is her love for him ?
Tis as much as particles of sand that she holds in her closed fist,
That you may take a lifetime to count,
No storm can ever uproot this love for him in her heart that has grown into a full grown tree, evergreen,
Her love for him is like the rainbow, that colours her skies,
Stretches out to touch the horizons,
Spanning the starry celestial skies....

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